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Modelo: 990H
Modelo: 990H
Modelo: 990H
Modelo: 990H
Modelo: 990H
Modelo: 990H
Modelo: 990H
Modelo: 990H
Modelo: 990H
Modelo: 990H
Modelo: 990H
Modelo: 990H
Modelo: 990H
Net Power468.0 kW
Engine ModelCat® C27 ACERT®
Gross Power512.0 kW
Net Power – ISO 9249468.0 kW
Net Power – SAE J1349463.0 kW
Net Power - DIN 70020650 PS
Bore137.0 mm
Stroke152.0 mm
Displacement27.1 L
Net Power – EEC 80/1269468.0 kW
Net Power – ISO 14396499.0 kW
Operating Specifications
Operating Weight77842.0 kg
Rated Payload15.0 tonnes
Bucket Capacities8.4 m3-9.2 m3
Transmission TypePowershift
Forward 17.0 km/h
Forward 212.8 km/h
Forward 322.4 km/h
Reverse 17.9 km/h
Reverse 214.1 km/h
Reverse 324.8 km/h
Converter Drive – Forward 17.0 km/h
Converter Drive – Forward 212.1 km/h
Converter Drive – Forward 320.8 km/h
Converter Drive – Reverse 17.7 km/h
Converter Drive – Reverse 213.4 km/h
Converter Drive – Reverse 322.8 km/h
Direct Drive - Forward 1Lock-up disabled
Direct Drive – Forward 212.8 km/h
Direct Drive – Forward 322.4 km/h
Direct Drive – Reverse 17.9 km/h
Direct Drive – Reverse 214.1 km/h
Direct Drive – Reverse 324.8 km/h
Maximum Single-Wheel Rise and Fall572.0 mm
Oscillation Angle±11°
Hydraulic Cycle Time
Raise9.2 Seconds
Dump2.9 Seconds
Lower Float Down (Empty)3.8 Seconds
Total Hydraulic Cycle Time15.9 Seconds
Loader Hydraulic System
Main Hydraulic System Output at 2,128 rpm and 6900 kPa (1,000 psi)650.0 L/min
Relief Valve Setting31000.0 kPa
Cylinders, Double Acting: Lift, Bore and Stroke234 mm × 1270 mm
Cylinder, Double Acting: Tilt, Bore and Stroke292 mm × 820 mm
Pilot System, Gear-Type Pump Output at 2,000 rpm and 6900 kPa (1,000 psi)46.0 L/min
Relief Valve Setting (low idle)2400.0 kPa
Minimum Turning Radius (over bucket)10337.0 mm
Steering Angle, each direction35.0 Degrees
Hydraulic Output at 2,128 rpm and 6900 kPa (1,000 psi)410.0 L/min
Relief Valve Setting31000.0 kPa
Minimum Turning Radius (over bucket) – HL10757.0 mm
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank1074.0 L
Cooling System190.0 L
Crankcase95.0 L
Transmission110.0 L
Differentials and Final Drives – Front271.0 L
Differentials and Final Drives – Rear261.0 L
Hydraulic System (tank only)174.0 L
Hydraulic System – Lift/Tilt and Brakes435.0 L
Hydraulic System – Steering and Engine Cooling Fan194.0 L
Hydraulic System (including tank)435.0 L
Cab - ROPS/FOPSMeets SAE and ISO standards
Sound PerformanceSound Performance Meets ANSI, SAE and ISO standards
BrakesMeet SAE/ISO 3450 1996
TiresTires used for measurement - 41.25/70-39 42 ply


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