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Engine ModelCat C3.8
Net Flywheel Power71.0 kW
Gross Power73.0 kW
Gross Power SAE J199573.0 kW
Net Power EEC ISO 924971.0 kW
Net Power SAE 134971.0 kW
Displacement3.8 L
Stroke120.0 mm
Bore100.0 mm
Operating Specifications
Rated Operating Capacity1451.0 kg
Rated Operating Capacity w/Optional Counterweight1565.0 kg
Tipping Load2903.0 kg
Breakout Force, Tilt Cylinder3376.0 kg
Breakout Force, Lift Cylinder2757.0 kg
Operating Weight3743.0 kg
Wheelbase1386.0 mm
Length w/Bucket on Ground3876.0 mm
Length w/o Bucket3156.0 mm
Height to Top of Cab2111.0 mm
Vehicle Width over Tires1829.0 mm
Max Overall Height4061.0 mm
Bucket Pin Height at Max Lift3227.0 mm
Bucket Pin Height at Carry Pos.197.0 mm
Reach at Max Lift and Dump799.0 mm
Clearance at Max Lift and Dump2431.0 mm
Ground Clearance220.0 mm
Departure Angle27°
Bumper Overhang - Rear Axle1087.0 mm
Maximum Dump Angle52°
Turn Radius from Ctr - Rear1873.0 mm
Turn Radius from Ctr - Coupler1483.0 mm
Turn Radius from Ctr - Bucket2290.0 mm
Max. Reach w/Arms-Parallel1298.0 mm
Rack Back Angle at Max Height83°
Bucket Pin Reach at Max Lift416.0 mm
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic FlowStandard
Loader Hydraulic Pressure23000.0 kPa
Loader Hydraulic Flow86.0 L/min
Hydraulic Power (calculated)33.0 kW
Hydraulic FlowHigh Flow XPS
Loader Hydraulic Pressure28000.0 kPa
Loader Hydraulic Flow121.0 L/min
Hydraulic Power (calculated)57.0 kW
ROPSISO 3471:2008
FOPSISO 3449:2005 Level I
FOPS Level IIISO 3449:2005 Level I
Power Train
Travel Speed Forward10.6 km/h
Travel Speed Reverse10.6 km/h
Travel Speed Forward - 2-Speed Option15.1 km/h
Travel Speed Reverse - 2-Speed Option15.1 km/h
Service Refill Capacities
Chain box, each side10.2 L
Cooling System16.0 L
Engine Crankcase13.0 L
Fuel Tank122.0 L
Hydraulic System55.0 L
Hydraulic Tank39.0 L


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